So I’ve had a little tangential shift in my life. My last entry was about a placement/internship in the NHS hospital system while I was in a speech therapy masters program. The hope was to keep a good and accurate record of my experiences and hopefully, through a series of posts I could contribute to and share some useful information. Perhaps new and exciting therapies or findings in research would could have been shared. I had planned to sit down every odd evening and blog away.  Life has provided a new twist and turn for me however…

Now almost a year later, I’m no longer in the UCL Speech and Language Therapy program. Honestly speaking it was a difficult adjust me for me. I found the teachers uninteresting, the material mildly engaging, and overall people were stressed and freaking out the whole time. Mind you I was one of three males among 60 women. It was definitely an odd atmosphere. I never really felt comfortable. Unfortunately there is a wildly uneven ratio of men to women in speech therapy. A good colleague of mine is doing is dissertation on the very subject. This should be a separate blog post all together. It was a significant factor for my trouble.

So I exited the program with a prestigious postgraduate certificate in developmental language from UCL. I’m pretty happy and proud albeit sad that I couldn’t achieve the masters.

I am know caught in the middle of some major career decisions. I have to keep positive through all this. Career exploration can be scary and the unknown a bit daunting. However this is an exciting thing as I can learn  new things and discover new passions.

My plan is three fold and varied.

Plan A:
1. Achieve entrance in a teacher residency program much like Teach for America. I’ve applied to                                several across the country and hopefully if the stars align I can relocate and starting earning an income.

2.  Work for several years, gain some great classroom management skills and more. Perhaps community                     development. Maybe get into Education Technology as well. The latter link is extremely helpful for                           understanding the field at a high level.

3. Re-apply to speech therapy masters programs, school psych, or art therapy.
A. Speech Therapy : work on Augmentative Alternative Communication systems, improving the
interface systems.
B. School Psych: Create school and community programs addressing needs of the community.
C. Art Therapy: Create a private practice perhaps a non-profit clinic/studio. Community based arts                                outreach. Arts enrichment into school curriculums.

Idea 3A sound the most interesting and fun for me.

Plan B: Bypass teaching altogether and just go for the masters!

* I want to hear your career struggles and successes. What works for you?


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